Pure Light Energy

About Jon Demel

Jon began his spiritual journey at a young age, albeit unknowingly... he would not find his deeper connection to Spirit and step into his purpose until much later in life.  He has always been drawn to esoteric, holistic, and alternative modalities, both physically and spiritually, and yet found it difficult to connect. As a child he was fascinated by rocks, gems, and crystals of all types and expressed connection with Gaia through these  elements.  Music became another form of expression for Jon and ultimately he was drawn to the Cello as the instrument he connected with primarily.  Jon studied music through college and graduated with a BA in Music Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado in 2001. 

Jon's musical education was placed in the background for many years as he explored his passion for food.  Working diligently to become a Chef, Jon spent the next 20 years in service to others providing and sharing his love for one of our most basic human needs.  Through this stage in his life Jon experienced an extended Dark Night of the Soul, repeating lessons through the course of two divorces and the loss of two infant daughters: Joy Marie in 2002 and Tabitha Paige in 2014.  Joy continues to watch over the family and Tabitha chose to reincarnate the following year as Madilyn Paige. 

Following these losses, and amidst other challenges, Jon found himself struggling with faith; devoid of purpose or meaning in life.  It was through this darkness that he was able to find the Pure Light within - his connection to God, Source, and the Universe.  On this path of self discovery and renewal he was ultimately led to Angelic Reiki. During his first attunement he was called to his purpose as a healer and facilitator to help others connect with their own Light. Remembering the connections of his youth, Jon has incorporated Vibrational Sound Therapy into his practice; utilizing a variety of instruments and applying his education in classical music theory to the spiritual and energetic aspects of sound healing.     

Jon's practice and service is non-denominational, seeking connection to Higher Self and Source through the highest Divine Love aspect and 100 percent Pure Light Energies for the Highest and Greatest Good of All. 

Kairos Chamber

Pure Light Energy services are provided in partnership with Rising Harmonics facility in the Kairos Chamber. In this chamber, the Original Light Table™ awaits your presence to facilitate balancing and activation of the energetic meridian systems. The Original Light Table™ developed by Arthur Franklin, is an advanced technology based on quantum physics that greatly enhances your complete well-being on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The table embodies 48 heart shaped vials that contain charged Holy water and 360 flower/gem essences lit through fifteen tones of color, matching the energy fields of the chakra systems. Supporting the vials is a lighted grid formed with sacred geometry and holographic healing words. The entire table is plated with Gold used as a conduit to envelop you in its energetic field.

Pure Light Energy MISSION

I AM providing healing products, services, and guidance to facilitate and support the spiritual growth and well-being of my clients as they contribute their Light into this world.

Pure Light Energy VISION

I AM making a powerful and positive impact by  bringing and anchoring light into this world and helping to raise the collective vibration for the highest and greatest good of all.